June 24, 2008

This is what we call "Islamic media"

The following clips are only Ads, but as far as you can see it told us what movies do

I dedicate these ads to every creative person who knows the message was given to him from Allah, in the same time, I dedicate them to every one who keeps on refusing the idea of "Media is a weapon" and we shall use it and know how to professionally use it

Deep thanks to those who made me see these ads before I die, and gave me hope of such things in the nearest sunshine of hope

And still to say

We have to get up and hand by hand make a new era of media


Anonymous said...

So clever ads
Thanks for sharing

deja vu said...

You are always welcome :)

TAGE3 said...

great post thanx for sharing those amazing ads (i hope one day those ads will be shown on major TV channels)

الفيلسوف said...

thanx for this lovely post loved it
بس السؤال الحقيقي
لماذا نعجز عن انتاج افلام طويلة بذات جودة الأعلان الأول ؟؟؟
لغز محير صراحة
يعطيك العافية ديجيفو