October 21, 2007

Incredible .. Unbelievable hand made

These amazing sculptures are made by the photo-realist artist Don Mueck, who was born to a toy maker parents in Australia.

He concluded that photography pretty much destroys the physical presence of the original object, and so he turned to fine art and sculpture.

He chose something other than Latex for he wanted a matrial that would do the trick and more precise. He used Fiberglass resin to make his bronze and marble work arts.

"His work is life like but not life size"…. The most compatible words that describes his amazing pieces of art.

Enjoy the show


الأستاذ said...

really so incredible
روعة حاجات جامدة أوي لكن هل هم أحياء؟؟
كل سنة وحضرتك طيبة

deja vu said...

سؤالك في محله يا استاذ

كل سنة وأنت استاذ دايما يا رب