July 4, 2008

Who do you follow?

Good question you may be asked any time. Quite sure, You know you have the answer.

I follow Allah and his prophet Mohammed PBUH, of course

I have found this message inside my youtube inbox today. This guy sent me his clip about whom to believe. Perhaps he doesn't know I am muslim or he may thought I am christian

My point here is on the clip itself not the subject it revealed

Again .. Good media means your message is reached

This what my topic is all about

Regardless of the case he wants us to believe in, I want you to imagine this clip was made with Islamic scenario but with the same beautiful art and this high sense of beauty and spirit all together

I am sure it is very soon I see such clips come with the same quality as this one

To have your message reached, and to get your voice heard, what kind of art would you use, and who do you follow?

Watch and enjoy the art – not the concept :)

He drops the deep emotions of believing inside our unconscious by playing the game of showing every cross in any place while talking about the divine cross

What I can see here is that we find almost everywhere people who used to see that the word Allah – in Arabic – has written itself in many ways and places, even with faked pictures. Imagine what if we used the concept of our friend here to help seeing Allah's existence the same way!

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